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2013 Submissions

It's Only The Beginning Classical Song

2012 Submissions

It's Melting! Techno Song
Starving Heavy Metal Song
Irene - by Faisal M Heavy Metal Song
The Power Supply Heavy Metal Song
Nyan Cat EXTREME General Rock Song
My day off - Faisal M Heavy Metal Song
Electric Shock - Faisal M Heavy Metal Song
The Beginning - Faisal M Classical Song
Site Down Rock General Rock Song
Familiar Shadows Pop Song
A Long Time Ago - Faisal M Pop Song
Spicy Chips Video Game Song
Electric Element Dance Song
Lonely Day - Acoustic General Rock Song
Too Much Love Pop Song
WWU a merry christmas - Faisal Classical Song
Last Chance - By Faisal Heavy Metal Song

2009 Submissions

Unlimited - By Faisal General Rock Song
Sleepy - by Faisal Classical Song
Reset - By Faisal Techno Song
Fruity Death General Rock Song

2008 Submissions

Break - King Faisal General Rock Song